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Most families want a no fuss solution with easy same-day placenta pick-up, leaving them undisturbed by professionals or the potentially offending processing scents so they may rest and enjoy their baby. In these cases, we suggest choosing our office where we have a designated area and sterilization allowing us to work around the clock and return your placenta pills to you in a timely fashion. Other want an immersion experience with a hands-on educational approach. For these clients, we suggest choosing in-home processing in which the family must schedule and be present within the home for two consecutive visits.

  • In Office:    $250 
  • In Client Home:    $350 
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Choose a Method

There are 3 methods of processing; High Yield, Balanced, and Gentle. No matter which you choose, the placenta will be fully dehydrated, ground to a powder, and encapsulated. However, each has pros and cons. You can view the comparison table below. If you can’t decide, we are happy to provide a 50/50 blend.

  • Single method: No additional Fee
  • 50% High Yield (RAW) / 50% Gentle (Steamed): +$50
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High Yield

Most # of capsules
  • Not Steamed
  • Fully Dehydrated
  • Dehydrated at 113-115°F
  • 18-24 hours to dehydrate

  • Only available within the first 48 hours postpartum.
  • Contraindicated if there is prolonged rupture of membranes. Less protection against bacteria.
  • Other name: Raw Foods Method


Median # of Capsules
  • Not Steamed
  • Fully Dehydrated
  • Dehydrated at 160°F
  • 16-18 hours to dehydrate
  • Provides more protection against bacteria because of high heat.


Least # of Capsules
  • Placenta Steamed
  • Fully Dehydrated
  • Dehydrated at 125°F
  • 12-14 hours to dehydrate
  • Considerable loss of mass during steaming yields less pills. Provides more protection against bacteria because of high heat.
  • Other names: Steam. Traditional Chinese Medicine (Herbs added to steaming process – not capsules)

Choose a Capsule

Choices, choices, choices… this is the FUN PART! We carry a variety of capsule options to make your placenta pills.

  • Vegan (Plant Cellulose):    No Additional Fee
  • Flavored (Gelatin):    +$10
    • Always stocked: Strawberry and Berry
    • For a limited time: Orange, Lime, Grape, BubbleGum, and Coffee
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Service Package Add-ons



Tinctures are a great way to experience the magic of your placenta benefits long after your pills are gone.

A tincture is a liquid form of placenta medicine which steep raw piece of the placenta in a high-grade alcohol. Because tinctures are more potent, less is more! Though the tincture is prepared immediately, it takes 6 weeks before reaching its full medicinal potency.




Healing Salve

For many years placenta has been used in quality skin care products. Yes – check your cosmetic labels!

A healing salve has many uses. Made with high grade all organic ingredients and your own super healing placenta powder, a salve can be used for perineal tears, cesarean wounds, nipple damage from breastfeeding, and so much more!




Chocolates are a delicious cure! Popping a chocolate instead of a pill sounds luxurious!

A variety of placenta chocolates can be curated to your liking.

We have several options; Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and White Chocolate. Each placenta truffle can be topped with cocoa powder, coconut, or jimmies.



Art Prints

Placenta Art is a beautiful way to memorialize the time your child lived in your womb.

A black and white photograph and a stamped placenta print with food based paints create a beautiful piece which resembles the Tree of Life.


Jewelry keepsakes coming soon!


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