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I’m Vanessa! I’m a certified birth and postpartum doula, IPPA trained placenta encapsulation specialist, lactation counselor, and home birth lay midwife working towards my certification as a certified professional midwife in Massachusetts. I am fully committed to supporting families in this beautiful transition to parenthood. 

I help new moms who are concerned with the struggles of parenting, breastfeeding, sleep, and self-care to achieve a happier postpartum experience, avoiding postpartum depression, by providing seamless support with placenta encapsulation and informational support.  Contact me for more information on additional support services to help you settle into your new role as parents and nurture your family to be healthy and well adjusted. 

That is my profession. My passion. But who I am and what I love begins at home. I am a devoted wife and mother to two very amazing young children – Merrick and Everleigh.  As a family we enjoy regular attendance at church, reading, dance parties, movie nights and pillow fights!

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Address:28 Maple St
Southbridge, MA 01550

Phone: 774-633-5263

Email: NLBlessings@gmail.com

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